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NFL Close Loss Insurance Part 2 – Results Examined

As determined in our statistical analysis of Fanduel’s NFL Close Loss Insurance, this awesome promotion is always profitable, and the optimal strategy is a $50 moneyline wager on the underdog team. As a reminder, with Close Loss Insurance, any NFL “moneyline” wager is reimbursed (up to $50) if the team you bet on loses the game by less than six points.

Through 11/10, or the first 147 games of the NFL season, a $50 moneyline wager on each NFL underdog has yielded a total profit of $2069.50, exactly as we expected. NFL underdog teams have lost by less than six points in 31 separate occasions this season, totaling $1550 in refunded wagers per user. Go to the post if you want to see the numbers—we put them all there for you. Hope the start of the week is good. Go Seahawks.

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